Steve Gives Back

Here’s the backstory…

We (the author + some moms of little kids) believe that Christmas Steve is more than just a children’s book. He stands for a lot: quality time with family, getting kids off of electronics and into experiences, expressing yourself, making a place for yourself in the world—quirks and all. Basically, he represents what we all hope for our own children, and because of that, we want him to have a big loud voice. And we want him to be in the hands of as many kids as possible. So that’s where the idea started…

Every book that is purchased will be matched with a second book that will go straight to one of four places: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, a Title 1 school or the #LoveUp Foundation for foster kids. Proceeds from the sale of the books also go directly to the #LoveUp Foundation, so it’s a twofer (or really a three-fer, because you’re getting the book and that’s cool too).

 You can be part of touching thousands upon thousands of children’s lives, and have fun in the process. So go on, get a book and join our team. We can make real, actual Christmas magic happen together—and that’s a big elfing deal.  

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