Meet Christmas Steve — a small elf with a big heart


"Steve was an elf, only 1–foot–3 tall, which even by elf standards is particularly small. Could Christmas care to find him, truly being so short?  Did Steve even make it into Santa's report? The one who tells Santa who's nice and who's naughty, those kids who were sweet – not remotely big-shotty. Steve knew he'd love Christmas, right down to the Yule logs, and he planned to spend it with his two little dogs. Penny and Jango were two snow-white poodles, they loved Christmastime too – oh, and fresh Asian noodles."


The tale of christmas steve - $17.99

Proceeds from the book benefit the #LoveUp Foundation, making Christmas Steve—in every way—the holiday brand with heart. Hardcover, 32 pages



Because of my work with children, all too often I hear about how unkind this world can be. Christmas Steve’s struggle to fit in is one that will resonate with children every where - no matter what someone looks like on the outside, everyone has a special gift to offer the world. 

Jessica Nicely, Arizona


New Christmas tradition! My kids are so intrigued by the story and the illustrations. The story is so beautifully written and so creative. The back story on why they made the book is what got my attention ... I love that all the proceeds made on the books go to the #loveupfoundation to make Christmas wishes come true for children in foster care.

Anonymous Reader


I bought this book because I wanted to support the #LoveUp Foundation but upon reading it, I instantly became a believer and bought four more to give as gifts. My kids love the pictures and I love the message—the story is a great reminder that everyone is valuable in their own unique way.

Sam Rollins, California


What a fantastic book! We purchased this book last year and had to buy more this year to give as gifts! This was the first book my children pulled out this holiday season to read. They absolutely love the story about this little elf with such a big heart and it's now a new tradition in our household!

Chonnie Richie, Texas


This book has “Christmas classic” written all over it. Christmas Steve is so relatable and the message of going back to what really matters is so timely. I gave a copy to my niece and nephew, and they loved it. Will definitely be giving more next Christmas!

Elisa Walker, Louisiana


Author – rich berra