Meet Christmas Steve — a small elf with a big heart

The tale of christmas steve - $20


Wood Car with Stars

Non-toxic, solid maple wood with coloring pencils to decorate.


Wood Car with Hearts

Non-toxic, solid maple wood with coloring pencils included.


Holiday Ornaments

Non-toxic wood ornaments with coloring pencils to decorate. $10

Available November 1

Coloring pencils

Designed for decorating wood.

Included with toy purchase

#LoveUp a phenomenon of generosity and caring that reminds people to pay it forward and spread the love. Started by the nationally syndicated Johnjay and Rich Show, the #LoveUp Foundation creates special experiences for children living in the foster care system. Johnjay and Rich have been granting on-air Christmas Wishes to children and families in need of clothing, food, comfort and holiday presents for more than 15 years. The proceeds from this book will directly support the Christmas Wish program. Learn more about the mission of #LoveUp at

Author – rich berra

Because of my work with children, all too often I hear about how unkind this world can be. Christmas Steve’s struggle to fit in is one that will resonate with children every where. I also loved the concept that no matter what someone looks like on the outside, everyone has a special gift to offer the world. I know what a few special children in my life are getting under the tree this year! 

Jessica Nicely, Arizona

New Christmas tradition! My kids are so intrigued by the story and my youngest just loves the pictures. The story is so beautifully written and so creative. The back story on why they made the book is what got my attention ... I love that all the proceeds made on the books go to the #loveupfoundation to make Christmas wishes come true for children in foster care.

Anonymous Reader

I bought this book because I wanted to support the #LoveUp Foundation but upon reading it, I instantly became a believer and bought four more to give as gifts. My kids love the pictures and I love the message—the story is a great reminder that everyone is valuable in their own unique way.

Sam Rollins, California

I listen to Rich Berra on the radio and love his sense of humor, so it was a no brainer for me to buy this book. It did not disappoint. The pictures in the book are absolutely beautiful and the story is both funny and heartwarming.

Khrysten Thomas, Colorado

This book has “Christmas classic” written all over it. Christmas Steve is so relatable and the message of going back to what really matters is so timely. I gave a copy to my niece and nephew, and they loved it. Will definitely be giving more next Christmas!

Elisa Walker, Louisiana